About PDLC Film

We have been independently developing core materials for more than ten years and have acquired multinational intellectual property rights so far. Professional name is PDLC film (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) polymer dispersed liquid crystal. Generally speaking, there are electronically controlled film, electronically controlled visual film, electronically controlled liquid crystal film, electronic curtain and so on. The energy-saving building materials can effectively isolate ultraviolet and infrared rays, achieve the effect of light transmission and heat insulation, and reduce room temperature and save space power consumption.

Film structure

Non-adhesive film
It can't be stuck onto the glass directly,but has to be laminated with the glass.
Adhesive film
With a layer of pressure sensitive silicon,the film can be directly applied onto the glass.
Liquid Crystal Display Principle
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  1. About high temperature type PDLC Film


    Space suitable for tropical areas or regular high temperature exposure.Note: if there is much water or humidity, it is recommended to use dimming glass made of high temperature dimming film.

  2. About Energy saving PDLC Film


    Used in places requiring heat insulation and energy saving, such as automobile film sticking, outdoor, etc.It should be equipped with intelligent power supply products to support 100V ~ 240V voltage. It has alternating current to direct current and then to transfer current to provide stable voltage for dimming film.

Application scene - high temperature
Four advantages of our product
Our PDLC FILM High temperature resistance. Anti-aging, we passed the 3000-hour aging test for automobile. Full spectrum irradiation without degradation. 12V low voltage, Power consumption of PDLC film to maintain clear state: ≤3W/㎡ Wide viewing angle, better multi-angle visual transparency.
Others PDLC FILM Not resistant to high temperature Not anti-aging, easy to degrade, low transparency 65V High voltage, high Power consumption and security risks Bad viewing angle, worse transparency when changing viewing angle
①Comparison of high temperature test
Put the PDLC film and other brand PDLC film into the oven together. After a long period of baking at 60℃, it can be clearly seen that the liquid crystal of other brands of PDLC film turns when heated and begins to become transparent, while the our film is relatively stable and can withstand high temperature 100°C.
②Comparison for anti-aging test
The wide view film of Longsheng Optronics and the PDLC film of other brands are each covered with an opaque cardboard, and the film is energized (70V), and the film is exposed to UV light.
After the ordinary film is irradiated for half an hour, the irradiated part is obviously transparent when the power is turned off, and the irradiated part becomes foggy when the power is turned on.
③Comparison of low voltage test
Use 12V, 24V, 36V voltage for our wide view film and other brands of PDLC film. It can be clearly observed in comparison. The lower the voltage, the lower the resolution. Our film has higher relative clarity.
④Comparison of wide viewing film test
By slanting our film with other brand of PDLC film, you can clearly see that our film is wider and clearer.