Dimming film:Dimmable glass to create a large screen experience of large dimming projection
Editor:Longsheng optronics   Date:30.07.2021  Times:1259 times

Imagine that if there is a communication method that can release information 24 hours a day, it has the function of the day during the day and the use value at night, can attract the attention of the audience, and the price is high. It is definitely the first choice for advertisers.

Nowadays, there are row upon row of urban buildings. How can we effectively use modern office buildings to create a 24-hour advertising media, so as to maximize the role of modern office buildings?

This best choice must be-intelligent dimming glass, using dimming projection technology to transform ordinary building glass into a display screen, real-time advertising, truly multi-purpose, excellent value for money.

When the front glass curtain wall of the office building is covered with smart dimming glass, it becomes a huge projection screen, which is extremely shocking and appealing.

Large-scale LED display screens used in buildings must shield windows, which is inevitable to affect the use conditions and value of the building space. But the smart dimming glass system is different, and indoor office workers can still work normally without worrying about lighting and privacy issues. While saving energy and environmental protection, it is also a huge projection screen that can present excellent image effects. It can not only realize its advertising value for pedestrians to appreciate, but also decorate the city and bring a cultural atmosphere to the city.

The use of dimming projection system is not only 10% of the cost of LED, but also has the functions of energy saving, transformation, privacy, soft light and decoration, which does not harm the commercial space in the slightest. It can be said that the use of dimming projection to increase advertising is a better way, and it is also the best choice for enterprises at present.

The glass exterior wall can be used as a screen, transparent glass, and opaque partition, combined with laser projection, to achieve advertising, and it is a new advertising medium. While not changing the function of the glass exterior wall, the use of the intelligent dimming projection system to create multimedia windows, not only doubles the value of commercial windows, but also increases advertising revenue.

Some attentive friends may also find out: If this is the case, can this technology also be used in the small shop windows of merchants?

Of course, not only the large outdoor projection screens, but also the projection windows of large and small businesses can also achieve interactive scenes and immersive effects. Cooperate with ultra-short throw laser rear projection projector to realize the functionalization and diversification of advertising(dimming film).

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