Dimming film:Technology creates a smart life
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Technology has always come from human nature. In the past 20 years, rapid technological progress has led to the intelligentization of human life, and the gradual convenience and efficiency of life functions have been improved. Longsheng Optronics has followed the trend and invested in the development and manufacturing of intelligent products. The hard work and accumulation of the company was harvested in 2014, and the glass dimming screen and transparent dimming screen bloomed splendidly in the market, which amazed many people in the industry!

The dimming film-PDLC, in the early days, used more glass for indoor compartments. Through the change of the arrangement state of power-on and power-off, the indoor compartments have the functions of shielding and see-through. Not only the functionality is improved, but the glass light compartments are also It saves more space than traditional cement compartments! But even so, the dimming film still stays in the use of building materials and does not break away from the original frame. Longsheng Optronics enhances the value of the dimming film product through the integration of multiple multimedia functions, creating a multifunctional glass dimming screen, which can make the glass window on the street no longer monotonous, and at the same time, it can extend the business time by playing advertisements. Rent glass dimming screens to advertisers to increase additional income. For this reason, Longsheng Optronics not only expands and innovates in product functions, but also adds service value, moving towards the road of manufacturing service-oriented brand management.

According to statistics from the material world network, the use of architectural glass in the world is about 50 million square meters per year. A large number of glass curtains are difficult to avoid the problem of indoor heating. Our dimming film can not only shield and heat insulation, but also create for these glasses. With more functions and values, moving towards smart life and beautifying the city, we can also see the unlimited potential of the glass dimming screen in the future.

The dimming film has initially realized the dream and goal of glass visualization, but the pace of innovation has never stopped. Guoan Qiwei continues to look for the best glass imaging technology solution, pursuing high image quality, high resolution and high transparency, combined with the system background and interactive technology, making the transparent dimming screen a highly intelligent marketing master, and also combined with data analysis. Function, through in-depth observation of regional consumption habits, to achieve high-efficiency and accurate marketing! In addition to the clear display of the high-transparency panel, the rear space is also at a glance. It can be used as a transparent dimming box to achieve integrated marketing of virtual and real Effects, more different tastes and new feelings!

The transparent dimming screen will be the focus of everyone's attention regardless of its technology and visual effects. It is very suitable for display in exhibition venues and public spaces. Through the transparent dimming screen, the displayed products and themes can more easily capture the attention of everyone on the spot. It is no longer just a monotonous advertising output billboard and passive video playback, combined with photo sharing, uploading to social networking sites, somatosensory, interactive game content, etc., to deepen consumers’ impression of the product; it can also be placed in the storefront through interactive Advertising allows customers to better understand product demands, find products that meet their own needs, and at the same time increase the fun of shopping.

At this point, if you think that the transparent dimming screen is a high-end marketing tool, then you underestimate the ability of the transparent dimming screen. In addition to interesting interactive marketing, data analysis capabilities, network tracking capabilities, and image recognition capabilities It can assist in local environmental monitoring, information dissemination and regional data collection, making town life smart! Qiwei Optoelectronics will promote the upgrading of social civilization and create the next generation.

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