PDLC film:Demonstrate technology to keep the footsteps of residents
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Longsheng Optronics combines glass visualization, business exhibits and interactive status to achieve a magical situation of integration of virtual and real. The display technology of interactive display through glass windows allows customers to produce visual, auditory, and tactile impacts, creating commercial benefits for customers to linger in front of the glass windows of businesses.

      Traditional housing intermediaries have mostly glass windows on their facades. The glass windows are cluttered with papers of various sizes, which record information about house purchases and leases. Such a window is a wall that blocks merchants and consumers. Wall, let business opportunities continue to be lost invisibly. And there is no aesthetic appearance, and the professional role is greatly reduced.

   Longsheng Optronics glass dimming screen glass display interactive system, from product display to glass interactive display, creates a dream experience for consumers. When no one approaches the glass showcase, the glass showcase is a transparent and visible glass. When someone approaches the glass showcase, the automatic sensing system is activated, and a professional and beautiful virtual shop assistant instantly appears on the glass showcase to greet the guests cordially. After the virtual clerk leads the customers to obtain the information they need on the glass window, the willing customers will be served by the person in charge of the office. Such an active marketing (interactive marketing) business model turns the window into an extension of business opportunities, so that passers-by are no longer just passers-by, allowing customers to stay in front of business windows and create more business opportunities. It also establishes a professional, leading and innovative corporate brand image.

   The glass display cabinets of the past can no longer attract consumers' attention nowadays. Longsheng Optronics 70-inch "S-box Fantasy Magic Cabinet", through the internal space of the glass display cabinet (height 1600 * width 900 * depth 500mm), the merchant's merchandise display and the glass display interactive system are combined with each other, creating a product for consumers A fantasy experience of the integration of virtual and real. Guoan Qiwei 70-inch "S-box Fantasy Magic Cabinet" product features have four major features:

       1. Provide stunning large-size video and audio display.

       2. Provides a merchandise display mode with plots, and achieves the surprising effect of integrating virtual and real interaction through dynamic images.

       3. Combining interesting interactive methods such as vision, sound, touch, etc., can spread benefits through mobile phones and cloud technology.

       4. Provide sustainable services, from design, hardware, software, system, background, maintenance, etc., never worry.

     In order to build a huge interactive display technology platform, chain-type businesses need to invest a lot of mental, manpower, and material resources, and they are worried about whether the effect can achieve the expected effect? Therefore, most businesses often dare not venture into this investment. Nowadays, businesses only need to pay a small amount of fees, establish demonstration sites, and achieve the expected results, before they can comprehensively construct virtual and real integrated display technologies to establish corporate brand images and create more business opportunities. Longsheng Optronics provides complex services, and businesses only need to repeat simple things!(PDLC film)

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