High Quality self-adhesive PDLC film
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Self-adhesive PDLC film is a kind of special PDLC film with pasting coating layer on the back, which makes PDLC film paste on the existing glass and has the smart glass same function-- fast switch of transparent-opaque and opaque-transparent condition

Self-adhesive PDLC film could be pasted to the glass easily without replacing the existing glass with laminated smart glass. Not only convenience and cost-saving, but also achieving the double requirements of day lighting and privacy are available for the existing glass.

Products Features:

1. Privacy protection:high transparent when power on, opaque when power off

2. Excellent noisy resistance, UV and IR resistance, environmental protection and health protection

3. Quick reponse: turn transparent  within 10ms

4. Stable performance and long service life: switch times more than 30 millions more than 50,000 hours(17 years) in operating condition(power on)

5. Easy installation: drirectly pasting to the existing glass

6. Cost-saving: no need to replace with the new glass


- Thickness 0.6mm

- Maximum size 1500mm*3200mm

- Parallel light transmittance on 79%; off 5%

- Visible light transmittance on 81%; off 52%

- Haze on 8%; off 90%

- Viewing angle on 120degree

- Response time on 10ms; off 200ms

- Operating voltage on 60V

- Power consumption on 6W/sqm

- Working temperature / -20~60 degree centigrade

- Life time on >50000 hr


1. Projections: class room; showing room

2. Different types and sizes for doors and windows

3. Partitions, background wall 

4. Multimedia interactivity; touch screen etc

5. Others applications widely used same as the smart glass.

 The above is an introduction to PDLC film. If you want to know more about PDLC film, you can contact us.Longsheng Optronics specializes in the production of PDLC film, dimming film,PDLC smart film,Electrochromic Window Film and smart glass film.

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