1. Office area application

In the field of office, the intelligent dimming film can control the transparent atomization of glass at any time, which makes the office convenient and brings extraordinary visual experience. We can also provide projection, touch and other functions for you according to your needs. Whether it is partition wall, sliding door, sliding door, floor to floor window, almost all the places where glass is used can be changed to dimming glass.

2. Automotive glass application

It can be made into glue and used in automobile skylight. It can also be directly attached to the side glass of the car. The dimming film transforms ordinary glass into dimming glass, realizing the arbitrary conversion effect of "transparency" and "atomization".

3. Projection screen

It can be used in the commodity window. It can be adjusted to a transparent state during the day, so that people outside can see the goods displayed in the window. Adjust to atomization state at night, it will become a good projection advertising wall, such a unique role can undoubtedly attract the attention of guests. As a projection advertising wall, the effect is comparable to LCD and TV. The projector and infrared touch frame can also be used to construct a touch screen with super large size.


Update your home with our customizable PDLC smart film to create open, modern, unique and fresh living spaces without sacrificing privacy when you need it. 

It is possible to accommodate all of your design needs in Windows, Sliding Doors, Folding Doors, Roof-lights, Kitchen and Living Room Partitions, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Partitions, Shower Screens, etc.


Longsheng optronics switchable smart glass film brings simplicity and efficiency to display and promote brands & products in innovative ways. Business applications are endless, including but not limited to Corporate Office/Conference Meeting Rooms Partition, Shop Windows/Showcases, Retail Stores, Advertising, Displays, Bank & Teller Counters, Train Station & Airport Ticket Windows, etc.


Longsheng optronics hotel bathroom smart glass foil provide unparalleled ambiance and functionality: guests can adjust the transparency & opacity of the glass instantly. Enhance your guests’ experience with Longsheng optronics's elegant designs and modern technology in the following areas: Hotel Lobby, Bedroom/Bathroom Partitions Screens, Toilet Partitions, Balconies, Bars, Clubs, SPA, Restaurants, etc.


The breach of classified information and resources can have national security implications, as such, secrecy, privacy and confidentiality are vital. Wherever classified, top secret information must be shared, but also diligently protected, control unauthorized visibility on demand in highly sensitive areas with Longsheng optronics PDLC smart film: City Halls, Banks, Post Offices, Courts, Police Stations, Prisons, Monitoring Rooms, Command Centers, etc.

5.Arts & Culture

Longsheng optronics PDLC film can become a eye-catching platforms (rear projection screen) at the flick of a switch. Add interest or enhance viewers/audiences’ experiences in these grand places or events with Longsheng optronics PDLC smart film: Museums, Exhibitions, Live or Automated Interactive Shows, Video/Game Displays, etc.